The arrival of a professor from St. Petersburg State University Smirnov Mikhail Borisovich

September 10, 2018 in KSTU arrived doctor of physical and  mathematical sciences from the St. Petersburg State University – Smirnov Mikhail Borisovich in the framework of the  program to attract foreign experts in teaching.

During his visit to KSTU, from September 10 to October 5, 2018, the professor plans to read seven cycles of lectures before students and  undergraduates of the Mining Faculty and  the  Faculty of Information Technology. Lectures are accompanied by seminars, master classes and trainings, during which Professor Smirnov M.B. will familiarize students with the skills of computer modeling of atomic dynamics in molecules and crystals with the purpose of interpreting and predicting the physico-chemical properties of functional materials.

On September 10, the invited scientist spoke to the staff of the Physics Department with a  report on new trends in teaching physics at the St. Petersburg State University, and he and his  former undergraduate, physics teacher Andrei Andreyevich Morozov, continue  to study the  polarization properties of binary nanotubes.


On September 12, a meeting was held between Professor Smirnov Mikhail Borisovich and Vice-rector for Strategic Development of KSTU Zhetesova Gulnara Santayevna. During the  meeting, issues of making proposals for improving educational activities and educational process  and further expanding cooperation between KSTU and St. Petersburg State University were discussed.