Scholarships and Masters programs for Study abroad (applying for in May)

Listed the names of the scholarships and programs and deadlines for submission of applications:



(many opportunities to receive scholarships)

Foreign journals and monographs (RISC)

Multidisciplinary scientific journals:

The journal is registered in Austria. The journal publishes articles on the Humanities, social, technical and natural Sciences. The journal is published in English.

  • European science review (articles only in English, until 30.04.15)
  • Collective monographs of Austrian publishers with Austrian ISBN. Dispatch from Germany, Austria:

Vienna, Austria – until 01.06.15, the Monograph “Innovation in technical and natural Sciences

Vienna, Austria – constantly, the Publication of monographs

Correspondence conference of the CIS

04.15 – Novosibirsk, XLIV international scientific-practical Conference “Innovations in science” .

04.15 – Novosibirsk, LV international scientific-practical Conference “Technical Sciences – from theory to practice” .

04.15 – Novosibirsk, XXXI international student scientific-practical Conference “the Scientific community of students of the XXI century” engineering science

04.15 – Moscow, XXIII student of the international correspondence conference “Youth scientific forum: Natural and Medical science”

For additional information contact  International relations department  (main building, room 309a).