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This is only one team out of many but it demonstrates a significant change. Overall, we’re very happy with the combinations of browsers and devices they offer, especially because they always have multiple instances of the same device. If you want an iPhone 12 for your tests, you can get five of them for example and run your test scripts in parallel, which reduces the total execution time. More often, you only have a subset of what Sauce Labs offers because people will be mostly using cutting-edge stuff or people might be using mostly legacy.

We run our different suites that include smoke tests, regression tests, and functionality testing. All of these types of testing need to be verified against different browsers and mobiles, and this is our solution to that problem. It was important for us to go with a cloud-based solution because the infrastructure that we have is limited. The range of devices, the versions, and the machines that we use wouldn’t have been sufficient to run the scripts that we authored, so we moved to Sauce Labs.

Advantages of Sauce Labs

In our inventory, we might not have the latest devices. The coverage of testing has increased because of the availability of new versions, which has had an impact on the business. We can test and push the code to production after testing on new versions.

What is Sauce Labs used for

Support is great, including the support ticketing. Every time I’ve had a support ticket, they have replied. They’ll answer technical questions about things like IP whitelisting, and they’ll take a look at the screenshots we provide or links to tests that are failing. Their support is empowered to really probe and ask questions. They are mostly involved in test automation, SDET.


I’ve run into a couple of situations where tickets have been left for weeks without feedback, but that has not happened often. When it does happen, I can go to our customer success manager and say, “We need some attention to these tickets.” She can take care of it and that makes the support pretty good. We open support tickets, and they’re pretty responsive, they get back to us on time. They’re really good about fixing things and making their platform more stable. Without Sauce Labs, it would be really hard to achieve the software quality standards or the automation coverage that our clients need.

  • We have the CrossBrowser and we have the private and public cloud.
  • Increase team productivity with instant access to the most extensive range of iOS and Android devices, operating systems, and test automation frameworks.
  • With the desktop browser, we can inspect any screen with the web developer option, but they should provide something for mobiles so that we can quickly inspect elements on the device.
  • This will dictate the operating system/browser combinations available in the next step.
  • We have been able to automate testing on OTT devices, but it is done with local devices hosted on our premises, so we can’t scale that fast or cover all of the huge demand we are seeing.
  • The solution covers a ton of combinations, probably almost any combination you would encounter when a custom reports a bug.

In general, our test execution speed, time to results, and time to deployment have dropped significantly (by approximately 10%), which is huge. The solution was adopted before I joined the company. I like the licensing model because it is a system of shared licenses. This is different from BrowserStack, for example, which I didn’t like because they charge on a per-user basis.


A lot of the time, most of them don’t like to try to figure things out for themselves. Across all our separate divisions, people are realizing that automated testing is a major opportunity for improvement. As these individual groups continue to learn from each other and ramp up their own use of automated testing in solutions like Sauce Labs, that will really drive our growth. The biggest lesson that I learned from implementing this solution had to do with what our options were.

We looked at a wide variety of solutions, and I presented Sauce Labs as an option and a few others. In the end, we decided to go with Sauce Labs for two out of three of our lines of business simply because of ease of use and some of the feature sets they had. We primarily use Sauce What is Sauce Labs Labs to test browser compatibility. It’s mostly functional rather than performance testing. We use a combination of tools, but Sauce Labs is mainly for compatibility testing. Selenium is our backend, and it also has compatibility testing, but we’re not making use of that feature.

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Is it because we have a defect or is it that we have a test case that we need to fix or modify? The Failure Analysis is one of the main functionalities that I am exploring all the time in Sauce Labs… The Failure Analysis helps us to discover which test cases we need to work on.

What is Sauce Labs used for

So with all of that, there’s another advantage. It’s that they provide you cross-browser testing capability. And so at the end of the day what do you want to do you’re gonna be automating functional tests or automating any kind of tests or maintaining Selenium grid.

Team management

They were very competitive on pricing and provided a bundle discount for us as a larger customer. We deployed in-house and we are happy with the support provided by the vendor. Overall, I would rate the customer service an eight and a half out of ten. We had some specific features that we opened tickets on, although they were not earth-shattering.

Having Sauce Labs on our side, we can actually do all of that at scale with the automation. We have made use of Sauce Labs’ technical expertise to help us integrate automated testing into our CI/CD pipeline and DevOps toolchain. We have done that to great success with their support teams.

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On the mobile part, we’ve used Android and iOS. It’s important to have multiple types of testing environments available in a single platform. We don’t have to look at different solutions.