Arrival of a professor from 19 of September to 12 of November- Vladimir Stepanets

Professor, Doctor of Natural Sciences  from 19  of September to 12 of November Vladimir Stepanets viseted the Department of “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits”.  For master students, doctoral students and students during  3 weeks were given lectures in Russian and were devoted to the topic of geodynamics of Kazakhstan.


The following lectures were especially noted for students:

• Petrogeochemical specialization of plutonic and volcanogenic rocks of Kazakhstan ophiolites as a reflection of super-subduction processes. Ophiolites of pre-arc, back arc, ocean basins and island arcs

• Petrogeochemical specialization of rock-forming, accessory minerals of Kazakhstan ophiolites and ore genesis of mafic-ultramafic complexes

• Computer technologies, petrogeochemical diagrams and spidergrams and main geochemical types of island-arc complexes

• GERM Reservoir Database.Microsoft Excel programmes

• CIPW-norm3 program. Calculation of the standard mineral composition of rocks.


Master class  held on for teachers of the Department of the GMPI on the topic: “Ophiolites of East and South Kazakhstan. Analysis of existing geodynamic schemes for the formation of Kazakhstan ophiolites.