Arrival of a scientist from Tomsk Polytechnic University – Yurchenko Alexey Vasilievich

On 31 of October, 2018  a scientist, doctor of technical sciences, professor of the department of FMPK INC, head of the research laboratory of the physics of solar cells of Tomsk Polytechnic University, senior researcher, took place International Laboratory of Vision Systems of FIT, Tomsk State University (Russia, Tomsk) Yurchenko Alexey Vasilievich has arrived in KSTU (Tomsk, Russia).


During  4 weeks, the professor will read lectures on the “Intellectual Information Systems” , will conduct seminars and laboratory classes for students, graduate students, doctoral students and faculty members of the University. A.V.Yurchenko visited our university more than once, there were more than 10 arcticles published in the collaboration with teachers of the department “Technologies and Communications Systems”, three monographs were written.

2018112660owcGL1Ha7mRRXj_bLpuU_largeAt the present moment joint work is being carried out on grant financing under the project of the IES No. 05131751 on the topic “Micro thermal power plant of coherence type with heat recovery”.