Joint cooperation of Karaganda State Technical University with the Siberian State University of Communications is one of the ways to improve the quality of education

From 10 october to 09 november 2018, at the transport faculty of the KSTU at the invitation of the Department “transport equipment and technology” foreign scientist from Novosibirsk (Russia) Professor, doctor of Economics Bykadorov Sergey Alexandrovich, he conducted lectures, practical classes and consultations for students and undergraduates of the specialty “transport, Transport equipment and technology” and “logistics” (Transport) .


Classes were held for bachelor students in the program “transport logistics and the basics of forwarding services”, “basics of logistics”, “transport logistics”, as well as for master degree students in the program ” trends in the development of logistics TT”


Professor S. Bykadorov in the scientific seminar of the Department of TE&LS spoke about the transport and logistics systems of Russia and shared his experience in the use of various methods of training.


The meeting of the Department “transport equipment and technology” with Professor Bykadorov was fruitful, a range of key issues, not only in logistics, but also in pedagogy were considered. The main conclusion of the seminar was the strengthening of cooperation between the scientific community of Kazakhstan and Russian universities to solve the problems set by the government of Kazakhstan in the education system. The transport faculty  expressed gratitude to Professor Bykadorov for scientific cooperation with our University.