International Online School 2021 «Project Management»: Problem Solving and Decision-making»


St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics (Russia) invites students to take part in the International Online School 2021 “Project Management: Problem Solving and Decision-making”, which is held by the Institute of Economics, Management and Information Technologies, Department of Management and Public and Municipal Management.

The purpose of the International Online School is to provide Russian-speaking foreign students with the opportunity to gain relevant knowledge in modern project management, learn the main trends and trends in it and get basic skills in project management.

Cost: 2000 rubles

Duration of the program: 4 days

Dates: 11/10/2021-15/10/2021

Credits: 3 ECTS

Level: BA / MA

Program language: russian

Technical prerequisites: Training with the use of DOT on the Microsoft Teams platform: it is mandatory to have a PC or laptop.

Certificate: All participants of the International Online School will receive an electronic certificate of mastering the program.

To register, follow the link:

Registration will last until September 27, 2021.

Payment for participation until October 1, 2021.

More detailed information can be found on our website: