Intercultural student online forum «Student’s Vision of the World»

Dear students!


Omsk state agrarian University named After p. A. Stolypin invites you to take part in the first intercultural student online forum” «Student’s Vision of the World»  (hereinafter referred to as the Forum).
The purpose of this Forum is to create a digital space for intercultural exchange, expand the scope of active student life and develop joint international projects.
This year, the forum is represented by 3 launch sites: «Student’s Vision of the Future after COVID-19», «Student’s Vision of the University’s Life», «Student’s Vision of the other Nations».
«Student’s Vision of the Future after COVID-19» – essay contest. The goal of this platform is to present the vision of students from various universities and countries of what our life will be like after the pandemic.
«Student’s Vision of the University’s Life»   – video contest. This site is dedicated to student life in the 21st century.
«Student’s Vision of the other Nations» – the purpose of this platform is to create a dialogue space between representatives of different nationalities and to break down existing cultural stereotypes.

Materials for participation in the Forum must be sent by December 10, 2020 to the post office
From December 10 to December 14, each submitted project will be evaluated.
After December 14, the results of the Forum will be published and the winners will be determined. The names of the Forum winners will be published on the Forum’s official Facebook page:

Participants who have won prizes will receive electronic diplomas of the Forum to their specified email address.

You must also send the participant’s Profile and material/s to participate in the Forum by email

For more information about the Forum can be found in the state.
Questions about participation in the Forum can be sent to the following email address: