From November 15 to December 13, the course of lectures was delivered by Associate Professor of the Poznan University of Technology, PhD Doctor Dariusz Janiszewski

At the invitation of the Department of “Automation of Production Processes” in the framework of work with invited professors of the TOP universities of the world on the basis of our university from 15.11.21 to 13.12.21 held consultations, lectures and seminars on the topics: “State space and evaluation methods in control systems”, “Programming methods of complex programmable logic devices”, “Power Electronics”, as well as master classes and trainings for the teaching staff of our University PhD, Associate Professor of Poznan University of Technology (Moscow Poznan, Poland) (link ).


The classes were attended by doctoral students, undergraduates and university teachers, who noted the relevance of these courses, as well as a creative approach in presenting the material.

The work of a foreign specialist allows students to develop their competencies through new knowledge and teaching methods from the standpoint of modern approaches to the educational process, and is aimed at internationalizing University education.

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