Free training in Estonia!


Did you know?

Estonia is one of the safest countries in the world.
Estonia is the country where SKYPE was invented
Estonia – the country where the NATO Cybersecurity Center and IT Agency EC are located
Estonia has the largest 4G network in Europe (95% of the entire country)
Estonia is the leading startup country – more than 400 startups in 2017
Estonia is a country where in 15 minutes you can create a company online
Estonia is an e-society: e-tax, e-parking, e-school, e-living, etc.

Still thinking about entering a university in Estonia?

 Estonian universities -
• More than 100 unique and high-quality training programs in English
• Internationally recognized diplomas
• Various government scholarships and funding opportunities for incoming students
• English is widely spoken.
• High-level research projects
• Active and fun student life
• Employment opportunities during school and the opportunity to stay in the country for 6 months to look for work after graduation
• Individual approach: small groups in classes
• Excellent value for money and affordable life
• Safe and stable environment
There are 6 state universities in Estonia where you can get higher education (bachelor, master and doctorate)
All programs at universities can be viewed and submitted through the link:
Deadline for submission of documents: 1 January – 1 May
All universities have the opportunity to get FREE TRAINING!
There are the following types of scholarships:
1) University scholarships
• 100% discount on tuition (grants)
• monthly scholarships based on student needs
• scholarships on academic results
2) Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarships
Fully funded scholarships for applicants applying for selected Master programs in English. The scholarship covers tuition and a monthly allowance is granted
3) Dora Plus Scholarships
A Dora Plus grant may be awarded to a undergraduate or doctoral student. The scholarship for foreign undergraduates is 350 euros per month. For PhD grants, the scholarships amount to 660 euros per month.
4) Estonian Government Scholarships for international students
1) for a bachelor degree in areas related to the Estonian language and culture;
2) for training in a magistracy and doctoral studies;
3) to participate in summer and winter schools;
4) mobility grants for researchers and teachers.
5) Scholarships by specialization (in IT, etc.)
Wait for detailed ads for each university in the following publications !!!
Find out more information at the university link or by calling 87172769056
• Tallinn University of Technology
• University of Tartu
• Tallinn University
• Estonian Academy of Theater and Music
• Estonian Academy of Arts
• Estonian University of Life Sciences