Exchange training

Dear Students of STU!


If you want to participate in the program of academic mobility, then you need to submit an application in the Center for International Cooperation  (main building, room 241 CIC).

For this you need:

  • Write an application from the student to the rector (Model 1);
  • Application of the student’s parents for permission to travel under the program of academic mobility (in any form);
  • A letter of recommendation on behalf of the dean of the relevant faculty of STU;
  • Transcript in Russian and English indicating the average score (GPA);
  • Certificate of proficiency in a foreign language (IELTS/TOEFL);
  • CV (resume) in English;
  • Copy of identity card;
  • Copy of the passport;
  • List of partner universities with suitable specialty (list);
  • Questionnaire of a citizen leaving for study abroad (after determining the host foreign university) – (Model 2);
  • Medical certificate of the established sample for traveling abroad (after determining the host foreign university).

The full package of documents is placed in a file folder with the attached flash drive, which contains electronic copies of the above documents plus your color photo.

We remind you that in order to participate in the academic mobility program you need:

  • knowledge of English at the level of Upper-Intermediate / Advanced (for training in universities in the US, Europe);
  • academic performance on A, A-, B, B+, B-. GPA level (GPA) – 3.5 – 4.0;

At the end of the semester in a foreign university, you will be issued a transcript that indicates the disciplines, the number of credits and the final mark for the exam. Upon arrival, you provide your transcript to the Registrar’s Office, where you will count the difference in subjects and determine which subjects to count from the previously studied, and which you will learn without fail.

Consultations on academic mobility are held in the Center for international cooperation  from 15:00 to 17:00, room 241 CIC, the main building.

Participants of the academic mobility of the autumn semester 2017-2018 Rus.

Participants of the academic mobility of the autumn semester 2017-2018 kaz.

Participants of the academic mobility of the autumn semester 2017-2018 eng.