Scientific internship in Poland

From June 3 to 8, 2019, KSTU students with students of Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine), undertook a scientific internship at the Poznan Polytechnic University (Poland).


Students completed a scientific internship at the department of geodesy, successfully presented a master’s thesis, strengthened their knowledge and improved practical skills at the faculty of civil and ecological construction.

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Students from Kazakhstan successfully completed their studies at the Poznan Polytechnic University as part of the academic mobility program


In the fall semester of 2018/2019 Poznan University of Technology received a  group of students from Karaganda State Technical University. The students were engaged in the following areas of study: chemical technology, civil engineering, electrical engineering.



Also our students met with prof. T. Jesionowski, vice-rector of Poznan University of Technology which expressed the hope to see the students again in our university, and proposed them to continue our cooperation in future taking part in summer schools, PhD program, and joint scientific researches.


Students who took part in the program “Academic mobility” successfully returned to the country

Congratulations to the students of KSTU with the completion of the academic mobility program!