Liseychikov N.I.

Doctor of Engineering Sciences, member of Academy of Military Sciences of the RF

Military Academy, Minsk, the Republic of Belarus

On department “Construction and road machines”, he held classes on disciplines “Optimization of transport techniques” and “Mathematical modeling of working processes of transport technique”.

Lecture courses by direction “Research methods of operations”, “Principles of mathematical programming and their appliance on transport”, “Mathematical modeling and optimization of exploitation processes of transport machines”, “Methodology of scientific creative work in exploitation, technical service and repair of mechanization tools”, “Question position on creative process of inventive act”, “Peculiarities of taking engineering decisions and problems of creative personality development”.

Vincent Tham

Doctor, Professor PhD of Hong Kong University (China)

He has held lectures for PPS and Master Course students of TCS during his visit by direction “Industrial electronics”, according to confirmed thematic of the works. Lecture course was listened to by 51 people. There also were taken examinations on disciplines “Electronics and circuit engineering of analog devices”, “Principles of radio techniques, electronics and telecommunications” from students of specialty 5В071900 “Radio techniques, electronics and telecommunications”.

Gerard Michaud

Professor of Nancy University, France

Mr. Michaud Gerard held lectures and master-class PPS for Master course students of MM and N on the theme “Destruction. Fracture mechanics”, he acted at the plenary session of international scientific conference “Science and education is a leading factor of Kazakhstan 2030 strategy”; he read lectures at enterprises of the corporate university. Agreement on international cooperation is concluded between KSTU and Nancy University

Hoat Johem Pam

Associate professor of department “Building and Construction Design” of Hong Kong University

Hoat Johem Pam read lectures on disciplines “Building and construction design”, “Building constructions”, “Assessment of seismic resistance of buildings and constructions”, “Erection of special buildings and constructions”, “Geotechnics”, “Technology of building production” for students, Master Course students , PPS department T and OBM and taking examinations on discipline “Building constructions” from students by specialty  5В072900 “Building” by associate professor of department “Building and construction design” of Hong Kong University Hoat Johem Pam. They were given relevant Certificates of Qualification Course.

Associate professor Hoat Johem Pam paid a lot of attention for building and constructions in seismic districts while reading lectures.

June 19, 2012 Hoat Johem Pam took participation in the conference “Role of the State Symbols in patriotic upbringing of youth”. She attended the defense of graduation projects of students by specialty 5В072900 “Building”.

June 28, 2012 she took part in plenary meeting of the conference dedicated to the memory of A.S. Saginov.

The question on possible cooperation with Hong Kong University in terms of passing probation, advanced training PPS, Master Course students.

Pokrytan P.A.

Professor of Political Economics department, MSU by Lomonosov (Moscow, RF)

Professor Pokrytan conducted classes on disciplines “Economical theory”, “Methodology of economical researches”, “Theory system and system analysis”, “Planning and organization of entertaining programmes”, examinations in groups Mark-10-2 by discipline “Theory system and system analysis” and SKS-10-2 by discipline “Planning and organization of entertaining programmes” were taken by professor of Political Economics department of Moscow state university.

May 18, 2012 on the base of Institute of Economics was held round table with participation of invited scientists on theme: “Social-economical modernization of Kazakhstan”, professor Pokrytan took part in this work. He acted with report on theme: “Some measures on modernization of intellectual potential in education sphere”.

Application was given on grant financing of scientific researches of MES of the RK for 2012-2014. Priority of science development: “Intellectual potential of the country”. Specialized scientific direction of science development: “Fundamental and applied researches in the sphere of economical, social and humanitarian sciences”. Theme: “Social-economical modernization of mechanism formation of intellectual potential in the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Professor of Political Economics department of MSU nu M.V.Lomonosov, Doctor of Economical Sciences Pokrytan P.A. took part in the project (Russia).

Agreement on international cooperation was concluded between KSTU and economical department of Moscow state university by M.V.Lomonosov – professor of Political Economics Department, PhD, Pokrytan P.A.

Список зарубежных ученых, посетивших Карагандинский государственный технический университет с целью проведения лекций, практических занятий и семинаров

Список зарубежных ученых, посетивших Карагандинский государственный технический университет с целью проведения лекций, практических занятий и семинаров