From November 15 to December 13, the course of lectures was delivered by Associate Professor of the Poznan University of Technology, PhD Doctor Dariusz Janiszewski

At the invitation of the Department of “Automation of Production Processes” in the framework of work with invited professors of the TOP universities of the world on the basis of our university from 15.11.21 to 13.12.21 held consultations, lectures and seminars on the topics: “State space and evaluation methods in control systems”, “Programming methods of complex programmable logic devices”, “Power Electronics”, as well as master classes and trainings for the teaching staff of our University PhD, Associate Professor of Poznan University of Technology (Moscow Poznan, Poland) (link ).


The classes were attended by doctoral students, undergraduates and university teachers, who noted the relevance of these courses, as well as a creative approach in presenting the material.

The work of a foreign specialist allows students to develop their competencies through new knowledge and teaching methods from the standpoint of modern approaches to the educational process, and is aimed at internationalizing University education.

Дариуш 2


Arrival of a foreign scientist from South Ural State University (Russia)

A foreign scientist from the South Ural State University (Russia), PhD, Associate Professor Konstantin Okishev, arrived at the Karaganda Technical University, at the Department of “Nanotechnology and Metallurgy” according to the program of attracting foreign specialists to teaching from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Within the framework of this program, the foreign scientist conducted consultations, lectures and seminars for students, undergraduates and doctoral students, as well as master classes and trainings for the teaching staff of our department.


Master classes by Professor of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania) Jurate Schliogerine for students, undergraduates and doctoral students, teachers of the Department of “Building Materials and Technologies”


As part of the program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to attract foreign scientists, Karaganda Technical University invited PhD doctor, Professor Jurate Schliogerine from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University to the Department of “Building Materials and Technologies” for lectures, workshops, seminars, scientific consultations and trainings. Gediminas (Lithuania).

In the period from 10/28/2021 to 11/28/2021, the invited professor conducted a series of topical lectures and seminars, master classes, trainings and scientific consultations with students of all levels and the teaching staff of the department.


Seminars and consultations on the topical topic “Sustainable development of territories and real estate” were held with doctoral students of the department studying under the educational programs 8D07302 – “Production of building materials, products and structures” and 8D07301 – “Construction”. Integrating the concept of sustainable development into the solutions of the construction sector». Master classes, lectures and seminars on modern technologies of building materials and materials science were held for undergraduates of the department.

Arrival of foreign scientists 2021

The Center for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility, together with the heads of the departments «TE and IS» Kabikenov S. Zh. and «TEMS», Yurchenko V. V., organized the arrival of foreign scientists from the Poznan Polytechnic University (Poznan, Poland) Lucasz Gierz Adam and Lucasz Wargula as part of the program to attract foreign specialists to teaching from the MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The arrival of the top manager from the UK at KSTU

On April 15, 2019, a top manager, executive director of the research institute “The Ethical Research Network Limited”, United Kingdom – Margaret Mary Lilian Nelson arrived in KSTU. She will work at our university as a vice-rector for internationalization under the program of the MES RK.


Dr.Margaret  has 19 years experience of academic research, 12 of which have been in a leaderhip role. She is a Visiting Professor at Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland and External Examiner at the University of the Witwatersand, South Africa. Joint work is planned on the development of all areas of international cooperation during her stay at KSTU.

Arrival of a foreign scientist from India at the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management

Dr. Sachita Nanda Sa – Fakir Mohan (India), a visiting scientist, an assistant professor at the Department of Social Sciences of Postgraduate Education, a specialist in economics and human resources development, from December 10 to December 29 of the year arrived at the faculty of engineering economics and management. As part of his visit, Dr. Sa will conduct a series of open lectures, seminars at the faculty and a number of training seminars for students, undergraduates and faculty members.


Arrival of a foreign sciencist to the department of «Nanotechnology and metallurgy»

From 26 November to 22 December 2018, at the mechanical engineering faculfty of the KSTU at the invitation of the Department “Nanotechnology and metallurgy” foreign sciencist, docent  from Zaporizhia (Ukraine) Karpenko Anna Vladimirovna, he conducted lectures, practical classes and consultations for students and undergraduates of the specialty “Materials technology and technology of new materials” and “Metallurgy”.


Classes were held for bachelor students in the program “Special casting types”, “Non-ferrous metallurgy”, “Theoretical foundations of pyrometallurgical processes” as well as for master degree students in the program “Heat insulation materials in high-temperature technology”, “Carbon based composite materials”.

The lectures covered such topics as:

-Production of carbon fibers from polyacrylonitrile (PAN), pitch, cellulose hydrate;

-Types of roasting;

-Ore melting;

-Refining melting;


-Leaching of metal raw materials;


She is  in the scientific seminar of the Department of N&M spoke about scientific research in the field of carbon-based composite materials and shared his experience in the use of various methods of training.


The meeting of the faculty with foreign sciencist was fruitful, a range of key issues, not only in metallurgy and materials science, but also in pedagogy were considered. The main conclusion of the seminar was the strengthening of cooperation between the scientific community of Kazakhstan and Ukraine universities to solve the problems set by the government of Kazakhstan in the education system. The mechanical engineering faculfty expressed gratitude to her for scientific cooperation with our University.


Arrival of a scientist from Novosibirsk State Technical University – Kaluzhskiy Dmitry Leonidovich

On 26 of November, 2018 a scientist, doctor of technical sciences, a well-known specialist in the field of electromechanical systems of mechatronics, professor of the department “Electronics and Electrical Engineering” of Novosibirsk State Technical University (Novosibirsk, Russia)  Kaluzhskiy Dmitry Leonidovich has arrived in KSTU.


During 4 weeks, the professor will read lectures on the course “Telecommunications and Communication Systems”, will conduct seminars and laboratory classes for students, graduate students, doctoral students and faculty members of the University.


Kaluzhsky Dmitry visited our university more than once, there were more than 15 articles published in the collaboration with teachers of the department “Technologies and Communication Systems”. At the present moment Kaluzhsky D.L. has filed an application for the patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the invention “Electric machine with combined excitation”.


Arrival of a professor from 19 of September to 12 of November- Vladimir Stepanets

Professor, Doctor of Natural Sciences  from 19  of September to 12 of November Vladimir Stepanets viseted the Department of “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits”.  For master students, doctoral students and students during  3 weeks were given lectures in Russian and were devoted to the topic of geodynamics of Kazakhstan.


The following lectures were especially noted for students:

• Petrogeochemical specialization of plutonic and volcanogenic rocks of Kazakhstan ophiolites as a reflection of super-subduction processes. Ophiolites of pre-arc, back arc, ocean basins and island arcs

• Petrogeochemical specialization of rock-forming, accessory minerals of Kazakhstan ophiolites and ore genesis of mafic-ultramafic complexes

• Computer technologies, petrogeochemical diagrams and spidergrams and main geochemical types of island-arc complexes

• GERM Reservoir Database.Microsoft Excel programmes

• CIPW-norm3 program. Calculation of the standard mineral composition of rocks.


Master class  held on for teachers of the Department of the GMPI on the topic: “Ophiolites of East and South Kazakhstan. Analysis of existing geodynamic schemes for the formation of Kazakhstan ophiolites.


Arrival of a scientist from Tomsk Polytechnic University – Yurchenko Alexey Vasilievich

On 31 of October, 2018  a scientist, doctor of technical sciences, professor of the department of FMPK INC, head of the research laboratory of the physics of solar cells of Tomsk Polytechnic University, senior researcher, took place International Laboratory of Vision Systems of FIT, Tomsk State University (Russia, Tomsk) Yurchenko Alexey Vasilievich has arrived in KSTU (Tomsk, Russia).


During  4 weeks, the professor will read lectures on the “Intellectual Information Systems” , will conduct seminars and laboratory classes for students, graduate students, doctoral students and faculty members of the University. A.V.Yurchenko visited our university more than once, there were more than 10 arcticles published in the collaboration with teachers of the department “Technologies and Communications Systems”, three monographs were written.

2018112660owcGL1Ha7mRRXj_bLpuU_largeAt the present moment joint work is being carried out on grant financing under the project of the IES No. 05131751 on the topic “Micro thermal power plant of coherence type with heat recovery”.