Acceptance of applications for « Turkey Scholarships 2023» has started

Burslari Scholarship in Turkey 2023 is a very competitive scholarship program. All scholarship recipients will be able to study at the most prestigious universities in Turkey.

Benefits of Burslari Scholarship in Turkey

  • The scholarship program in Turkey is aimed at international students and offers a wide range of benefits at Turkish universities. Below are some key features of the scholarship programs of the Government of Turkey:
  • There is no charge for accommodation: The funding of scholarships in Turkey provides accommodation for foreign students at any Turkish university. Students are not charged for accommodation in the dormitories of their respective universities. However, any student who does not want to live in a dorm room may be allowed to move to any of the desired locations, but in this case they will need to pay for accommodation.
  • Free tuition: The main purpose of the Turkish scholarship program is to pay the tuition fees for students during their studies. Students are not required to pay tuition fees, because education is completely free.
  • Healthcare costs: Public health insurance is provided to students to cover their healthcare costs. If you are not a native of the country, health problems can become a very serious problem. However, you will not have to spend a penny out of your pocket on scholarships provided to students in Turkey if they get sick. The state health insurance will take care of everything.
  • Transportation costs: Travel expenses of international students are covered by the scholarship program of Turkey. Students will receive two free tickets during their studies: one for their arrival in Turkey, and the other for their departure from Turkey after completing their studies. If students purchase tickets on their own, the entire amount is refunded to them.

How to apply?

Applications are accepted online through the online application system for free at the link:

Application deadline: FEBRUARY 20, 2023

Detailed information can be obtained at the link