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Congratulations to the students who have passed the competition for studying abroad at the expense of the National budget in European universities during the autumn semester of the 2021-2022 academic year.

In accordance with the order of the Acting Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 22, 2021 No. 358 “On approval of the plan for distributing the number of places for studying abroad within the framework of academic mobility”, the main and reserve list of students for studying under the academic mobility program in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania during the autumn semester of the 2021-2022 academic year was approved.

результаты конкурса Транш 2021

Резервный список студентов


Online meeting between the staff of KTU and Western Michigan University


On July 13, 2020, a zoom meeting was organized between the Department of GMPI (Geology and exploration of mineral deposits) Karaganda Techinical University and Department of Geology and environment, Western Michigan University, USA. From Western Michigan University, the meeting was attended by assistant Professor of Geology and environment of Western Michigan University Gouaches of Thakurta. He spoke about his experience of cooperation in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Vasily Portnov, head of the Department of GRMPI, familiarized the American colleague with the research and scientific interests of the Department. Research areas were identified for which joint developments were planned.

Higher education services in the Texas International Education Consortium



We offer materials for the study of the Texas international educational consortium (TIEC) on such topics as: “University partnerships”, “Educational consulting”, “Professional development”, “English learning and instruction”.

University Partnerships
image003TIEC helps identify and forge relationships between Texas universities and international partners like foreign universities, ministries of education, industry partners, and municipalities with the goal of creating collaborations on research, individual degree-programs, and long-term institutional partnerships.

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Educational Consulting
image007TIEC can assist universities to build their capacity as a thought partner and consultant through services including curriculum development and design, accreditation consulting, university design and development.


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Professional Development
image005In-person and online training programs for educators and administrators, as well as ongoing learning opportunities for TIEC members and international partners.

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English Learning and Instruction
image009Individual or small group instruction, including options for development programs for business and industry sectors, available in person or online.

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KSTU students successfully completed their studies at European universities as part of the academic mobility program

Every year, students of Karaganda state technical University take part in the academic mobility program. Our students go to study for exchange in such countries as Germany, Poland, China, Lithuania, Russia.

In the 2019 – 2020 academic year, more than 50 students of KSTU were trained at partner universities as part of the academic mobility program abroad.

The academic mobility program provided students with an unforgettable experience of studying abroad for one semester and communicating with students from all over the world. The experience of studying in a foreign university helped students develop an experience of independence, restraint, and confidence. The students expressed their gratitude to our state, university, department and international department for the opportunity to study for one semester in foreign universities.

Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Journals with Impact Factors


This webinar is geared towards researchers and students in a broad range of fields who are interested in learning more about how to publish in peer-reviewed journals with impact factors. Participants will learn about the range and types of journals available, journal metrics and rankings, strategies for choosing an appropriate journal, and the journal review process. This webinar will also discuss ways to avoid predatory journals that target newer scholars.

The Speaker of the webinar is Dr. Elizabeth Lightfoot, a Professor, and a Ph.D. Program Director at the School of Social Work within the College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota.

MAET Mini-MOOC on Remote Teaching

Michigan State University offers free «MAET Mini – MOOC» distance learning courses.

The Mini-MOOC is a self-paced learning experience. Join this global, dynamic community to explore, create, and share today!

Our Mini-MOOC on Remote Teaching focuses on high-priority, digestible topics with the intent of applying them to practice tomorrow. Because educators are teaching across a range of remote teaching contexts, we include high-tech strategies throughout the experience.

Mini-MOOC Overview 04.01.20

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How Kazakhstan Universities Can Engage with American Universities

Richard Boyum, University Partnerships Coordinator at State Department, chats with the U.S. Embassy in Nur-Sultan about how to interact with American universities and be prepared for international collaboration. During the interview, he shares his advice and guidelines on internationalization and how to make a successful partnership with American Universities through student mobility, student exchange, short-term programs, faculty exchanges, etc.

How To Get The Most Out Of International Conferences – Richard Boyum

Richard Boyum, University Partnerships Coordinator, shares his views on how to make pre-conference decisions and what kind of valuable information to expect from presenters. During the interview, it was pointed out that it is crucial to make a pre-research on the conference website where most international conferences list the speakers’ bios, publications and decide whether this conference suits well and contributes to the next steps of a person’s professional goal.

Meeting of the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the United States with representatives of leading Kazakh universities

On February 20, 2020, within the framework of the Annual Aiea – 2020 Conference in Washington (USA), Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the United States Yerzhan Kazykhanov met with representatives of leading universities and major education associations in Nur-Sultan.  During the meeting, the participants discussed cooperation in the field of education between Kazakhstan and the United States. The participants of the meeting were representatives of leading Kazakh universities. The participants of the meeting were representatives of leading Kazakh universities, including employees of the Karaganda state technical University.