The reception of documents among students for study within the framework of academic mobility in Tomsk Polytechnic University is opened


 Dear students!

We would like to inform you that Tomsk Polytechnic University provide  4 places for our university to study undergraduate students for academic mobility for the autumn semester. All places without payment for tuition. All other expenses related to academic mobility the student covers for his own money (transportation costs, insurance, residence in the hostel). Please for applications come to the room 241 (main building) before 30.03.2019.

Mandatory Russian language skills, current GPA academic performance should be 3.0 and higher and maximum compliance of the specialty.
The list of specialties and the necessary list of documents can be found below.

Necessary list of documents:

1. letters of recommendation (head of the department, associate professor of the department);
2. individual study plan;
3. transcript;
4. ID card copy;
5. folder;
6. photo 3 * 4 – 3pcs;
7. copy of school certificate;
8. files – 5 pcs.
9. student application

Application form Tomsk Polytechnic University

UNESCO Sultan Qaboos Prize for Environmental Conservation 2019

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This prestigious Prize has been made possible through a generous donation to UNESCO by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al-Said of Oman. The prize is intended  to honor individuals, groups of individuals, institutions or organizations that have made significant contributions to environmental conservation.

Sultan Qaboos

It will be awarded for the 15th time at the ceremony that will take place during the World Science Forum in Budapest (Hungary), from 20 to 23 November 2019.
Presented every two years, the prize consists of a certificate and a financial award from a donation graciously made by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said of Oman and the Government of Oman, which in 2019 has been increased to $100,000. Thе prize-winner is  selected based on the recommendations made by the Jury of the prize.

Candidates must have made an outstanding contribution in one of the following fields:

• Environmental and natural resources research;
• Environmental education and trainin;
• Creation of environmental awarness through the preparation of environmental information materials;
• Establishment and management of protected areas, such as biosphere reserves and natural Worl Heritage site

The candidate must complete the form, send it along with a list of  referees, before 15 July 2019 to the email address:

Each nomination should be accompanied by a written recommendation, and may be submitted either in English or in French. Further information about the prize, as well as the nomination forms are also available on the dedicated website:

Summer School at the Crakow University of Technology


Crakow University of Technology invites students to take part in one of the programs of the Summer School.

This summer, CUT offers courses in 5 different programs:

• Materials Science Workshop (28th June – 12th July)
• Geopolymers (8th – 17th July)
• Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling Of Power Engineering Devices
(15th – 26th July)
• Architecture as a space experience (15th – 24th July)
• Planning a Better City (19th – 29th September)

All classes are taught in English. The cost of participation in courses from 500 to 7000 euros, depending on the chosen course of study. All the prices include tuition fee, class excursions, and accommodation.

More information about the programs you can get by clicking on the link:, or look at the attached files below:

CUT Summer School – Мaterials Science 2019

CUT School Summer – Materials Science, annex

CUT Summer School – Geopolymers 2019

CUT Summer School – Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling Of Power Engineering Devices 2019

CUT Summer School – Architecture as a space experience 2019

CUT Summer School – Planning a Better City 2019

“Digital Summer – 2019″ Internship program for young IT-specialists

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Samruk-Kazyna JSC announces a competition among talented students of 3-4 year undergraduate programs of higher educational institutions, implemented in the format of the summer internship program “Digital Summer-2019″. We are looking for future IT professionals.
The summer training program “Digital Summer” from Samruk Kazyna JSC is your unique chance not only to gain experience in national companies, but also the opportunity to show yourself and get a job! During your internship, you will participate in training courses from companies such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, HP, IBM, Huawei. We will even have a hackathon! Do not hesitate – do it! Create the future with us!

We create conditions for your growth:

– Real tasks on digitalization projects of the companies of Samruk-Kazyna JSC group;
– Individual mentor from the company’s specialists;
– Monthly scholarship;
– Employment with the successful passage of the program.

The deadline for applications is March 29, 2019.

More detailed information on the program website: http: // digital-
Telephone: +77172799599

“Digital Summer – 2019″ presentation

Yessenov Scholarship 2019

Academic Shakhmardan Yessenov Science and Education Foundation announces a competition for 25 monthly student scholarships. The grant is awarded for 12 months and amounts to 25 000 tenge.

Who can participate: citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who study at Kazakhstani universities on 2-3 courses of Bachelor’s degree or 1 year Master’s degree.

Deadline for submission of documents: from January 21 to February 24, 2019 year.


Registration link:

Enter for free education in one of the TOP 1.2% of the world’s universities

The University of Tartu invites you to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs!


Founded in 1632, the University of Tartu is one of the best universities in Estonia, which is located in the city of Tartu. About 1,500 international students from more than 90 different countries study at the university. 65% of international students at the University of Tartu study for absolutely FREE! And you have such a unique opportunity to get a free education!
The university offers the best students who apply, get a 100% free education, and also have the opportunity to receive an additional monthly scholarship to cover living and other expenses for bachelor and master programs!
A doctoral program in Estonia is free!

Programs in English:
• Business Administration
• Science and Technology

Masters degree programm:

  • Humanities
  • Philosophy
  • Semiotics
  • Sound and Visual Technology
  • Folkloristics and Applied Heritage Studies
  • European Languages and Cultures

Social Sciences

  • Contemporary Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Edacutional Technology
  • European Union — Russia Studies
  • Democracy and Governance
  • Information Technology Law
  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • International Law and Human Rights
  • International Relations and Regional Studies
  • Quantitative Economics
  • Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management

Science & Technology

  • Actuarial and Financial Engineering
  • Applied Measurement Science
  • Bioengineering
  • Computer Science
  • Geoinformatics for Urbanised Society
  • Materials Science and Technology
  • Robotics and Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Erasmus Mundus programmes coordinated by UT
  • Excellence in Analytical Chemistry (EACH)

How to submit documents?
Types of scholarships

The deadline for submission of documents
January 1 – April 15, 2019
January 1 – March 15, 2019

Do you want to study for free in English at the most innovative university in Estonia?

Then you to Tallinn Technical University (TalTech) !!!!

Founded in 1918, TalTech is the only technical university in Estonia. The university is located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and is currently the most international university in the country – approximately 1,600 foreign students from more than 90 different countries study at TalTech. TalTech offers 4 undergraduate programs and 15 graduate programs in English.
The university offers the best students who apply, get a 100% free education, and also have the opportunity to receive an additional monthly scholarship to cover accommodation and other expenses!
Programs in English:
1) School of Information Technologies
• Cyber Security Engineering (BSc)
• Cyber Security (MSc) (joint program with University of Tartu)
• Communicative Electronics (MSc)
• Computer and Systems Engineering (MSc)
• e-Governance Technologies and Services (MSc)
• Health Care Technology (MSc)
• Software Engineering (MSc) (joint program with University of Tartu)
* Admission is managed by the University of Tartu, please apply directly to the University of Tartu
2) School of Business and Governance
• International Business Administration (BA)
• International Relations (separate major within Law program)
• Law (BA)
• International Business Administration (MBA)
• Law (MA)
• Technology Governance and Digital Transformation (MA)
• Public Sector Innovation and E-governance (MSc) (joint program with the University of Leuven and University of Münster)
* Admission is managed by the University of Leuven, please apply directly to the University of Leuven.
3) School of Engineering
• Integrated Engineering (BSc)
• Industrial Engineering and Management (MSc)
• Environmental Engineering and Management (MSc)
• Design and Technology Futures (MSc) (joint program with the Estonian Academy of Arts)
• Materials and Processes for Sustainable Energetics (MSc) (joint program with University of Tartu)
• Technology of Wood, Plastics and Textiles (MSc)
• Mechatronics (MSc)4) School of Science
• Applied Physics (MSc)

The deadline for submission of documents
January 1 – April 1, 2019
Results of applications – June 1, 2019
Start of study – September 2

Free training in Estonia!


Did you know?

Estonia is one of the safest countries in the world.
Estonia is the country where SKYPE was invented
Estonia – the country where the NATO Cybersecurity Center and IT Agency EC are located
Estonia has the largest 4G network in Europe (95% of the entire country)
Estonia is the leading startup country – more than 400 startups in 2017
Estonia is a country where in 15 minutes you can create a company online
Estonia is an e-society: e-tax, e-parking, e-school, e-living, etc.

Still thinking about entering a university in Estonia?

 Estonian universities -
• More than 100 unique and high-quality training programs in English
• Internationally recognized diplomas
• Various government scholarships and funding opportunities for incoming students
• English is widely spoken.
• High-level research projects
• Active and fun student life
• Employment opportunities during school and the opportunity to stay in the country for 6 months to look for work after graduation
• Individual approach: small groups in classes
• Excellent value for money and affordable life
• Safe and stable environment
There are 6 state universities in Estonia where you can get higher education (bachelor, master and doctorate)
All programs at universities can be viewed and submitted through the link:
Deadline for submission of documents: 1 January – 1 May
All universities have the opportunity to get FREE TRAINING!
There are the following types of scholarships:
1) University scholarships
• 100% discount on tuition (grants)
• monthly scholarships based on student needs
• scholarships on academic results
2) Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarships
Fully funded scholarships for applicants applying for selected Master programs in English. The scholarship covers tuition and a monthly allowance is granted
3) Dora Plus Scholarships
A Dora Plus grant may be awarded to a undergraduate or doctoral student. The scholarship for foreign undergraduates is 350 euros per month. For PhD grants, the scholarships amount to 660 euros per month.
4) Estonian Government Scholarships for international students
1) for a bachelor degree in areas related to the Estonian language and culture;
2) for training in a magistracy and doctoral studies;
3) to participate in summer and winter schools;
4) mobility grants for researchers and teachers.
5) Scholarships by specialization (in IT, etc.)
Wait for detailed ads for each university in the following publications !!!
Find out more information at the university link or by calling 87172769056
• Tallinn University of Technology
• University of Tartu
• Tallinn University
• Estonian Academy of Theater and Music
• Estonian Academy of Arts
• Estonian University of Life Sciences

University of Tampere (Finland) specially for Kazakhstan provides 5 places for 100% free tuition on bachelor’s and master’s programs!


On November 11, 2018, “the JSC Center for International Programs” signed an agreement with the University of Tampere to provide the university with 5 free places for students from Kazakhstan for undergraduate and graduate programs!!!

The university is among the top five Finnish universities and offers students flexible and individual training programs that allow them to cover broad interdisciplinary perspectives.
The University of Tampere offers 2 undergraduate programs completely in English, more than 30 academic graduate programs, which can be obtained immediately after receiving a bachelor’s degree.

Undergraduate Programs

Application period of documents: from 9 to 23 January 2019
The online application form will be available during the application submission period for

Graduate programs

Application period of documents: from 4 December to 23 January 2019

  • Automation Engineering, Factory Automation and Robotics
  • Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
  • Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Biomedical Micro- and Nanodevices
  • Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Health Technology and Informatics
  • Biomedical Technology
  • Computational Big Data Analytics
  • Digital Literacy Education
  • Electrical Engineering, Smart Grids
  • Electrical Engineering, Wireless Communications and RF Systems
  • Engineering Materials Science
  • Game Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Global and Transnational Sociology
  • Human-Technology Interaction
  • Industrial Engineering and Management, Business and Technology
  • Information Technology, Communication Systems and Networks
  • Information Technology, Data Engineering and Machine Learning
  • Information Technology, Embedded Systems
  • Information Technology, Human-Technology Interaction
  • Information Technology, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Information Technology, Software Engineering — Web & Cloud
  • Leadership for Change — European and Global Politics
  • Leadership for Change — Governance for Sustainable Change
  • Leadership for Change — Sustainable Business Management
  • Nordic master programme in Innovative Governance and Public Managament
  • Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research
  • Photonics Technologies
  • Public Choice
  • Public and Global Health
  • Research and Innovation in Higher Education
  • Security and Safety Management – Security Governance
  • Security and Safety Management – Safety Management and Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Teacher Education

How to apply?
List of required documents

In addition to 5 free places for Kazakhstan, the university provides the following discounts, grants and scholarships:

  •  A 50% tuition discount is offered for all students who are eligible to participate in the Tampere University programs and pay 50% of the tuition fee within two weeks after receiving the letter of enrollment.
  • A training grant is offered that covers 100% of the cost of a three-year bachelor’s or two-year master’s or both, if the granted right to study leads from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree.
  • The university offers scholarships for academic success to the most talented students. A scholarship of € 7,000 per year to cover the student’s living expenses for the first year of a bachelor’s or master’s program, as well as a scholarship to pay for tuition.

Do not miss your chance!

Details on the website of the university KSTU or by calling 76-90-56.

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme


Within the framework of the agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary on cooperation in the field of education and science from November 19, 2013, Hungary offers Kazakh citizens can participate in the Stipendium Hungaricum for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Hungarian universities allocate 250 scholarships for Kazakh citizens  on the following programs:

– 110 places for undergraduate programs (arts, humanities, agriculture, technical sciences)

– 90 places for master’s programs (humanitarian and technical sciences, agriculture, art)

– 30 places for undergraduate and master’s programs  with a term of study from 5 to 6 years (general medicine, pharmaceuticals, stomatology, architecture, law, veterinary surgery, agricultural engineering in the field of agriculture, an engineering in the field of architecture)

– 20 places for the doctoral programs in all areas

Information on these grants is available on the website

The grant covers the following costs:

  • free education;
  • a monthly scholarship at the undergraduate and graduate level of about 130 Euros, at doctoral level about 450 -580 Euro;
  • Accommodation in the campus (or paying rented accommodation of about 130 Euros);
  • medical insurance.

Applicants for the scholarship program must pass online registration on

The deadline for online registration on the Hungarian site is January 15 and acceptance of the package of documents until January 20, 2019.

From 28 February to  May 2019, will be conducted the selection process by the Hungarian side.

Documents must be submitted online application form or from hand to hand appilcation form!!

1.The online application form of documents

2.From hand to hand application form of documents

Detailed information about Erasmus + International Credit Mobility program is available in a presentation 

Erasmus + International Credit Mobility